Thursday, 24 October 2013

That's our daughter...

When Bouncing Boy was Christened on his first birthday, I wrote him a poem which was later published in this anthology. With Baby Girl's Christening looming, the pressure is on to get poetic again. This is the first draft of my efforts. Feedback welcome, bring your own sick bucket.

That's our daughter...

That's our daughter, blessed by water.
We're praying you will all support her.

May those with faith, give her belief.
May those who follow, make her chief.
May those with trees, let her climb
And lie in the shade when sun shines.

When nightmares strike or she can't sleep,
Please hold her hand while she counts sheep.
When she tells a joke or a funny rhyme,
Please don't ruin the punchline.

May those with connections, do her a favour.
May those who are brave, risk all to save her.
May those in the know, give her proof.
May those who are honest, tell her the truth.

On her birthday, please raise toast.
On Sundays bring her home for a roast.
When she makes a cake or bakes a pie,
Please don't tell her if it's dry.

May those with land, let her run,
Wellies in winter, barefoot in the sun.
May those with shelter, give her cover.
May those she falls for always love her.

When she's restless, bored or stuck,
Let free spirits lift her up.
And when life makes her fearful or tearful,
Please make her laugh and keep her cheerful.

May those with music, let her dance.
May those with luck, give her a chance.
May those who travel, open her eyes.
May those who judge, give her a prize.

If she likes books, please let her read.
If you have a garden, let her sow seeds.
If she feels dull, awkward or plain,
Tell her she's beautiful, tell her again.
If she feels trapped or needs to be free,
Show her the woods, the stars and the sea.

That's our daughter, Genevieve
With dreams to weave, if you believe.
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